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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Sep 10, 2017

Does your partner corner you into a no-win situation? Do they ask you questions that make you wrong no matter what you say? I talk about double binds in relationships and a couple ways to get out of the no-win questioning that often happens in both non-abusive and abusive relationships.


For segment two I talk about lashing out and where it comes from. Are they new emotions that seem to originate in the moment or are they old, stored emotions that derived from a single point in time? Regardless, lashing out can be quite damaging to a relationship so it's time to get a grasp on what's happened in your past.


During the close of the show I address the person who takes the blame for their partner's cheating. Some people are convinced they are the cause for their partner taking conscience steps to cheat. I have news for those people: You are not the cause and I share with you why in this segment.


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