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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Apr 19, 2015

Expressing the deep, negative emotions that you've been holding onto from your past should lead to a release of the emotional energy behind them, and free you from the burden of holding onto the pain. However, sometimes what you express, vent or release isn't all of it, and you need to dig a little deeper to get to...

Apr 12, 2015

I hate setting goals, so I had to figure out how I could get what I want in life without following the standard goal-setting steps we're always taught.

Just writing down a goal makes me cringe, but why? Well, I'm not very highly organized and full of energy, so I think that's half of it.

Today I share how to set...

Apr 5, 2015

Unfortunately, the more we grow and evolve, the more others who aren't ready to do the same will want us to stay the same. If you're around friends and family who just can't seem to get on board with you getting healthier, what do you do? Do you just pretend to be the same old person you always were around them just to...