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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Dec 20, 2015

So much of our emotional pain that doesn't get expressed can turn into actual physical ailments that won't go away until those emotions are expressed and released. Sometimes the damage can be permanent and we'll need to seek medical attention, and other times the healing starts right away. One thing for sure, you...

Dec 13, 2015

With bombings, shootings and other terrorism going on, how can you find peace and see the world as a better place. The news sensationalizes the bad but never glorifies the good. It's okay to feel okay, and I'll tell you why in this episode.

Also, I receive a listener email that talks about wanting to save...

Dec 6, 2015

What do you say when someone tells you they want to commit suicide? Do you rush them to the police hoping that they will help them? Do you sit with them and really listen to what they're saying so that they know they are being heard and not pushed on to someone else? Is there a real answer? Is there a right answer? 


Dec 1, 2015

How bad can your panic and anxiety get? I had one panic attack in my life and it was at that moment a part of me died, opening up a new way of being. 

Nothing like panicking in the desert, having no money, a broken car, and losing the car and everything in it to set off an anxiety attack. 

The worst possible scenario...