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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Nov 29, 2020

Some people walk around with an underlayer of negativity that doesn't necessarily affect their lives but does affect their level of comfort and happiness. If you find that you talk down to yourself and just can't seem to get past the negative feeling you're carrying around, this episode will help you ask the right...

Nov 22, 2020

If you make bad decisions or keep getting results you don't want, it's time to tackle that problem once and for all. If you aren't making decisions based on what's most important to you at the deepest level, you may drive off the cliff one too many times.

Nov 15, 2020

Some people are just difficult to be around. They display toxic or hurtful behaviors and they never seem to want to change even when they know you're bothered. You have a choice in how you respond to others. And the choice you make will have an effect on what behavior you get in the future.

That's an important choice!...

Nov 8, 2020

Negative events from the past get encoded into our brain so that when we recall them, we can usually remember about when they happened. Because of that, we can actually use time to our advantage to help feel better about those memories, and maybe even get rid of the residual emotional triggers altogether.

Nov 1, 2020

There are mental tools you should have in your toolbelt when dealing with snarky or hurtful people. Their goal might be to make you feel bad or guilty, so you may need to find a way to disarm them so that when they try to hurt you with their words, they become confused when you don't react the way you used to.