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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Feb 26, 2017

Sexual and physical abuse survivors develop an abused mindset which they take into relationships. This mindset sets them up to be strung along and tolerate bad behavior. Often, former abuse victims end up with abusers in intimate relationships.

Abusers of all kinds can play serious head games, including giving off a lot of mixed signals. Whenever you're in a relationship with mixed signals, do you focus on the positive or the negative? Which signals should you focus on? Abuse survivors and even many non-survivors can have a high toleration for abusive behavior. It's time to stop getting strung along and start realizing just what to watch out for.

In this first segment, I also talk about how children of abuse often believe they were wrong or to blame. That comes from adult thinking and the cord needs to be cut on those kind of thoughts.

In segment two, a woman lost her baby before it was born and she's still dealing with that loss. What can you do when you're dealing with the loss of a loved one and you just can't seem to get beyond it? It may sound a little metaphysical, but it still works. I talk about it in this segment.

Also, I talk about a couple things you can do to get over your overwhelmed brain. Funny, for a show called The Overwhelmed Brain, I rarely talk about how to overcome being overwhelmed! Well, in this episode, I dive in a little and give you the first steps to take to get grounded. It's time to think externally instead of being so wrapped up in your brain.

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