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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Apr 30, 2023

If you find yourself witnessing someone approaching a perilous situation in everyday life, can you trust that they'll make the right decision to avert the danger? This isn't about catastrophic events like car crashes but rather common situations where you believe someone could potentially make a poor choice that...

Apr 23, 2023

Some people say, "You shouldn't feel that way," or even worse, "You don't feel that way!" In either case, you can be tricked into believing your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions are invalid. If that happens, you can also be tricked into staying in a situation that is very harmful to you. 

Apr 16, 2023

Some relationships are easier than others. The person you care about in your life may be sweet and kind 50% of the time, but what about the rest of the time? Will that be enough for you to stay and endure the bad to get the good? Just how much is too much?

Apr 9, 2023

Why does getting to a more comfortable place in life seem to be so difficult sometimes? Some choices seem impossible to make. When that happens, what is the best strategy to make such impossible choices? Great topic to talk about today. 

Apr 2, 2023

What happens when those you care about become jaded by your dependency on them for your happiness? Are you inadvertently wearing them down and dissolving what could be a great relationship? Sometimes we drain others and we don't even realize it.