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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Dec 6, 2015

What do you say when someone tells you they want to commit suicide? Do you rush them to the police hoping that they will help them? Do you sit with them and really listen to what they're saying so that they know they are being heard and not pushed on to someone else? Is there a real answer? Is there a right answer? 

So many people consider it, and so few people talk about it. I received a letter from a 14 year old who wrote that she wanted to die and she's ready to go soon.

We take on so much throughout our life, and suicidal thoughts can certainly creep up from time to time. Is there a resolve to this? This is a special episode that deals with someone who feels at the end of their rope. I focus on this 14 year old's letter who chose to stay anonymous, but my talk today could apply to any one of us that has ever considered this path.

If you are considering suicide, then at least tell someone about it. Call the Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255 and make sure you get their perspective. If you're really on the verge, then what's it going to hurt to just tell a stranger on the other end of the line? 

You are worthy, and I value you. Stay alive - you are a gift to this planet. Sometimes people don't see you the way you really are because they are wrapped up in their own stuff. But I know you're a gift, and I want you to stay here spreading the gift of you around.

If those near you can't see that, then you're hanging with the wrong crowd.