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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Jul 10, 2016

Where do you go when you have a secret that you believe someone else needs to know? Are you loyal to the secret teller? Do you tell the person who should know the secret?

It's a question to ponder, where do your loyalties lies and what should you do with a secret you are committed to keeping?

Also, I receive a letter from someone who shares and expresses to as many people as she can but still doesn't feel like she's released or vented her emotions, so she ends up feeling empty and still having pain.

Unresolved emotions fester inside of us until we address them in some way, but sometimes we don't know that we're still not deep enough inside the emotional well and all we're doing is pulling up empty buckets.

Speaking of emptiness, feeling lonely even when around friends and family is a big challenge too. Lots to talk about today.