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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Mar 27, 2016

I got nervous when I was invited to speak on a world record breaking authority summit... but I did it anyway. But why was I nervous?

I host a show that thousands listen to every week, so why is it different? When there's no Edit button, things get real. But that's a good thing because when you're absolutely real, even when you're nervous, you end submitting to the person you really are.

If you're truly authentic, you have nothing to be nervous about because it's easy to be yourself. It's when you choose to act as if you know more than you know when you get into trouble.

I talk about just showing up and giving the best version of yourself in this episode. The second half deals with an email from a woman who was promised a grand, long future with her ex... until he left her and had a baby with someone else. Ouch!

We need to talk about this.

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