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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Nov 6, 2016

Sexual abuse should not be taboo. Survivors carry the shame, pain, and guilt when the reality is that the perpetrators should be the one carrying those things. The pain of past abuse is real and it doesn't go away without acceptance, letting it come up, processing (in many ways), healing (in many more ways) and finally releasing.

This episode is focused on what to do to begin healing and where to go for resources if you want to learn more. Moreover, there's a movement starting called The Fiona Project that today's guest shares that will help you if you are a survivor or know of one (and there's a 99% chance you know of one).

Healing begins now and you do not need to be silent any longer. You are not guilty for being a victim, and the shame belongs on the one who committed the ultimate violation.

Go to to watch the powerful music video by Asha Lightbearer. The video itself is moving, revealing, and a step into healing.