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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Sep 24, 2023

The up and down, or high and low, of any relationship or circumstance can wear you down until you are worn out completely. But can we get addicted to the ups and downs? Can our desire for the next high point keep us in a situation that makes us unhappy? That's the subject I explore today. 

Sep 17, 2023

Changing how you respond to and cope with challenges can improve your relationships and life overall. When you're getting the same, bad results over and over again, it might be time for a new perspective to help you create better outcomes. 

Sep 10, 2023

Asserting yourself is an act of self-love, not aggression. It's about recognizing your worth and preventing future conflicts. Don't let guilt from past experiences hold you back from showing that you are worthy of standing up for. 

Sep 3, 2023

What happens when you can't get along with someone because no matter how much patching up you think you've done, it's still not enough? Is there an end to this process? Will they ever want to forgive and forget? 

Aug 27, 2023

When you get a therapist, coach, or healer, you can run into what might be called a "human" experience - the kind of experience where the people-helpers in our life might have some of their own stuff to deal with, and they intentionally or unintentionally bring that stuff into the professional environment. When that...