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The Overwhelmed Brain

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May 1, 2016

Why do we fall off course so easily? When you prioritize tasks that take your time away from the things you want to accomplish, you fall back farther and farther until you are no longer making progress. In fact, you might even end up going backwards.

Sometimes you are not in alignment with a bigger vision for yourself. The reason is because you might actually have a value hidden under the surface that you didn't even know was there.

Also, is it necessary to forgive others? Learning that forgiveness is all about what's going on inside of you is the first step to healing. The second step is accepting others for who they are today. Doesn't mean you have to keep them around though!

Finally, what do you do when you have generalized anxiety, or what one listener asked about: Health Anxiety. Anxiety is such a prevalent condition for so many sufferers... it's time to get to a better place inside ourselves so that it isn't so intrusive.