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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Jul 12, 2015

When you were a child, whatever fear came up, you figured out a way to survive the moment. These survival skills were very handy in adolescence simply because they worked to keep us alive!

Sure, we probably weren't going to die, but it felt like it! Then, years later we became adults (well, some of us did ;) ), and soon we were put into situations that caused similar fears and once again, that old survival mentality kicked back in. 

Our brains went, "Oh yeah, I know how to get through this! I learned it as a child, this is an easy one. I'll just... (fill in the blank)." We took the belief system we developed as children into our adult world and suddenly we feel stress and pain and hurt, and all kinds of things we didn't expect. 

That's because we stuck to the old system of beliefs we created as children. And these beliefs are deep, so it's no wonder we rarely question what we believe. But, isn't it time to do just that? Especially if the results you are getting in life simply aren't what you expected them to be? 

Sounds like a trip to the subconscious mind is in store today!

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