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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Sep 24, 2017

Mom criticizes her, makes her feel bad and unworthy, yet this listener still wants a relationship with her. Do you let go or do you find a way to relate that won't be toxic to you?


What happens when there are early warning signs in your relationship but you choose to ignore them? Are they signs of worse things to come or can you overlook them and expect your relationship to get better?


Do you change for someone else to keep them in your life, or do you want to attract the person that accepts who you really are? The path to a long-lasting bonding involves not settling and not changing for anyone, but are you willing to take being alone for a while until that happens?


Bypassing your instincts to follow your guilt instead could be a dangerous path into denial and maybe even betrayal. Should you follow your instincts even though it could lead to a truth you don't want to know?


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