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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Dec 1, 2015

How bad can your panic and anxiety get? I had one panic attack in my life and it was at that moment a part of me died, opening up a new way of being. 

Nothing like panicking in the desert, having no money, a broken car, and losing the car and everything in it to set off an anxiety attack. 

The worst possible scenario was unfolding and I had to either accept and live with the consequences, or not accept what was happening and continue resisting what was absolutely unavoidable. 

When I finally panicked to the point where I felt like dying, I was able to release the resistance. I let go of thinking I had a choice, and suddenly choices didn't matter. I just accepted. 

And acceptance brought me peace. 

Do you resist or accept? Can you accept the worst possible thing that could happen? If you can... you'll be free. 

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